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Placencia Belize location in Belize.

Perched at the southern tip of a long, narrow, sandy peninsula, Placencia Belize has long enjoyed a reputation as ‘the caye you can drive to.’ This is truer today than ever since the 27-mile road from the Southern Hwy is no longer spine-crushing, having now been fully paved. Placencia’s airport is about 1 mile north of the village; 6 miles beyond that is the Maya Beach, Stann Creek District.

What to Expect in Placencia Belize

How you wind up feeling about Placencia Belize really depends on what you’re looking for. If it’s laid-back ambiance, varied accommodations include Casa Palma Apartments Rental and some of the best restaurants. Placencia’s airport is about 1 mile north of the village; 6 miles beyond that is the Maya Beach. Between the village and the airport lie an increasing number of accommodations, including some of the swankiest in Belize and a growing number of luxury housing units. Placencia village its self has a couple fun beach bar like: Typsy Tuna, Barefoor Beach Bar just to name a few, many wonderful restaurants are scratched all over the peninsula not just in Placencia Village: Wendy’s Restaurant with local and International cusin to La Dulce Vida if you feel like eating Italian in the tropics.

High season in Placencia Belize begins the week before Christmas and lasts until late April. During the full moons of May and June the town hops as whale sharks come to spawn in the nearby waters. Bargain hunters should be able to get discounted rates when the mercury rises.

Things to do in Placencia Belize

In many ways the Placencia Belize presents a microcosm of the best Belize has to offer. Over twelve miles of untrammeled golden beaches look out onto scores of enchanting cayes (Coral Atolls), the barrier reef and beyond that the pristine atolls, Fly Fishing in Placencia, Belize. It’s an ideal base for amazing diving and snorkeling – including our famous whale sharks, as well as world class fly fishing and trolling. Monkey River tour is one of the best tours to do when in the area, as you get a little bit of marine and mainland experience from a boat as you travel to Monkey River Town then up river for an enchanted eco tour. But marine attractions are only half the story.

Popular Island Destination

Laughing Bird Caye and Silk Cayes are among the to places for snorkeling and scuba diving in Placencia. The Silk Cayes a known for the turtles which can be seen frequently around the island, which sits on the world second largest barrier reef. Laughing Burd Caye is name of the bird that nest on the island, this caye has long been a favorite for locals and later on as tourist increase it became a top place to visit. Taking a tour of these island is very easy from Placencia.

Across the Placencia Lagoon via a perfectly paved road lay all the wonders of the southern and western mainland: the majestic Maya Mountains, cascading waterfalls, rushing rivers and the inspiring cities of the ancient Maya. Deep in the Maya Mountains in the world first and old Jaguar Preserve, the preserve makes for and exciting day outdoors and there is much to do. Other activities we recommend are Zip Lining, Cave Tubing Horseback Riding and many more mainland activities and adventures. Some visitors even manage to experience both surf and turf in the same day during their time in Placencia Belize.

Getting to Placencia from Belize City

There are daily flights from the Belize International Airport near Belize City to Placencia via Tropic Air or Mayan Island Air. We offer pick up and drop off to Placencia Airport north of beautiful property. Buses could be an option for the extremely adventurous travelers, but not recommended. There are many company which offer private and Shared shuttle from Belize City or San Ignacio to the village, they something have the option of making a stop before you arrive at your destination. Shuttles To Placencia from Belize City is the must requested route, we suggest taking it if you are arriving in Belize early.

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