Casa Palma started as a large beach from property boasting 2  Apartment rentals unites with and amazing beach front property for many year. In 2015 the owners began developing more rentals unites and a guesthouse near the main road in Placencia Belize.

In the first quarter of 2016 construction had finished and the rentals are now ready.

Perfecto Choc Casa Palma caretaker

Casa Palma Caretaker

“The caretakers were fantastic” – as one Trip Advisor Reviewer put it.

Perfecto Choc, Casa Palma Caretaker dose his utmost best to ensure the your accommodations in Placencia Belize is always Nice, Clean, Comfortable and full operational.

Mr. Choc is an approachable person who always try to help, the village in away he can, he is also a volunteer fire fighter for the community.

The 2 Beachfront Apartment unites boost the largest beach front property on the entire Placencia Peninsula. Both Apartment can be combined to for one large Apartment that would be perfect for a family.

Casa Palma Garden Apartment rentals unites are located near the main road on Placencia Peninsula. Both Apartment both has all amenities include a full kitchen and can be book for long or short term.

The guesthouse located about our garden apartments offer shared bath and Kitchen, perfect for those looking for a more economic place to stay when vacationing in Placencia Belize.

Casa Palma in Placencia Belize maintenance clean and comfortable apartments throughout the year. Located just about 10 from the Placencia Airstrip, which norther of the Village.

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